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Due to this transit of Saturn in its own sixth house, your struggles would increase but you would also get many golden opportunities to prove your worth, says the Leo Horoscope. However, there is an odd-chance that you might be tangles in a court case, which might put you through trying situations.

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Therefore, as per the predictions of Vedic Astrology, suggests that you should also try to always keep a check on your anger, and maintain a humble and gentle profile at all time. Get your fortune predictions for You have ingrained feeling of being better than the others.

The Leo Birthday Horoscope | Jessica Adams

It actually works for you too as you always try to put in the extra effort to stand out of the crowd Read More. Leo Love and Relationship Horoscope : Leo, you are a chimerically romantic sign. When you are in love, you want the whole world to know about it. Leo Marriage Horoscope : We all dream and wait to find the Mr.


The Leo Marriage horoscope shows the great possibility of getting hitched for single people with lunar Leo Leo Health Horoscope : Being a fire sign, you are a power house of energy. You believe in leading the group rather being part of one.

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  • Leo Travel Horoscope : Leo natives, manage your finances properly to avert unnecessary travel expenses in Login Sign Up. Home Horoscope - How is astrologically special? Leo Horoscope.

    Economic Condition for Leo Horoscope 2020

    Daily Monthly Yearly. Order Now. Each will in some way be a lucky charm. This will be the year of commitment for many single Leos, while couples will rekindle the fires and celebrate togetherness. Do the same for them and develop lasting relationships that can pay off for many years to come.

    Transit Planets

    There is, however, one potential wrinkle in this otherwise terrific year during which you can make the most of your people skills: Neptune. Now in its twelfth year in Aquarius, Neptune is the planet of illusion and confusion, faith and spirituality.

    Leo 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

    It will encourage you to see the best in people, which is great in some circumstances. A second opinion could be well worth your time, effort, and money before making important life decisions. You should also carefully check professional credentials, read everything before you sign, and consider consulting an attorney before entering into a contract. Ask questions, avoid assumptions, push for clear-cut answers, and then back them up with your own research.

    If in doubt on minor matters ask someone you respect for an honest opinion. Despite the potential downside of Neptune, you can use this planetary energy to charm almost everyone. Of course this can work two ways.

    The Leo Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

    Saturn will begin the year in Virgo, where it will form an exact alignment with Uranus in Pisces in February and September, just as it did in November of the last year. With these two planets spanning your solar second and eighth houses of money, you should try to plan ahead as much as possible for financial ups and downs. Save, spend conservatively, establish and live within a budget, and keep tabs on investments and retirement funds.

    Do all this and you can more easily weather the effects of restrictive Saturn and unpredictable Uranus.